Artist's Statement

Constantly excited by light, color, shape and texture, I am finding that photography in Minnesota for me is a study more in the intimate landscape than in the grand 'scape that so excited me when in the southwest. The color palette is different in that blues, greens, and yellows are predominate, and reds are a pleasing surprise.

Adopting a concept from another interest, I have begun to focus on the area within 100 miles of my home, more specifically Rice County, for my subjects. I am pleased that there is a multitude of subjects and it has opened my eye to new ways of seeing and challenges me to new ways of processing the images in order to present the beauty that I witnessed.

Beauty is important. It is a necessity of a full life. Without beauty, the soul shrivels, and an emptiness develops. My goal is to present the beauty that I find and present it to my audience so that they may experience it as well.

Tray 01

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